Types Of Funeral Flowers And Their Meaning

Lilies are commonly associated with funerals, as they represent the innocence of the soul of the person who has passed. Read about the type of Funeral Flowers and what the Meaning behind it.

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Funerals are one of the primary uses of flowers as people have been taking flowers to ceremonies for sympathy for the deceased. They act as a sign of feelings that cannot be expressed or are difficult to express in their true essence, such as love, respect, or remembrance. Every form of funeral flower has its own special message that adds sophistication to the simple but expressive offering. Below is a list of some funeral flower types accompanied by each funeral flower's meanings.

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List of Funeral Flowers And Their Meaning

1. Lilies

This is perhaps why lilies are considered as the funeral flowers which are commonly used during burials or when paying the deceased a final respect. This can be done by light-bearing, where they act as messengers of the soul of the deceased, a message that conveys the need to attain a state of purity as a soul. Of all the flowers, the white lilies that you can send with funeral home flower delivery in Elizabethtown KY are probably more associated with the belief that the soul of the departed has gone back to its sinless state. Often slim and with a smooth profile, they are useful as an emblem of sorrow or piousness.

2. Roses

People come flocking to buy flowers especially roses which due to their elegance and the different colors they come in are popularly used in funerals with funeral flower delivery in Elizabethtown, KY. Every color of rose has got it own special significance or symbolic representation. The red colored roses depict love and respect, while the white roses depict purity and innocence as well as reverence. It is with pink roses that people want to emphasize delicateness, thankfulness, and thanking, and with yellow roses – to underline close friendship and communication. The corresponding themes of love, respect, and loss can be conveyed by a bouquet of roses with different colors and shapes of the flowers.

3. Carnations

Another flower that is frequently used in funerals is carnations due to their long-lasting blooms, and the range of colors they can come in. The white color of carnations symbolizes purity and new, blossoming love, while the red color conveys admiration. Some of these flowers include pink carnations that are widely believed to depict the notion of remembrance, a factor that stems suitability for memorial services. Having multiple uses and meanings affiliated with it, the use of carnations can be symbolic of sympathy/memorial.

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4. Orchids

Orchids are fancy flowers that symbolize beauty and eternal love that is hard to explain but easy to feel. For example, pink and white orchids are often used to pay tribute to the feeling of love and remembrance, and the funeral arrangements can be from an Elizabethtown, KY florist for the beloved one’s spirit. It is for these reasons that orchids can be used to give comfort, to say ‘Rest in Peace’, or to mourn the loss of a beloved family member or friend, and so they are a fitting reminder of the deceased.

5. Gladioli

Flowers such as Gladioli are tall and catchy flowers that depict courage, character, and sincerity. These flowers available at the Rosey Posey Florist of Elizabeth Town are used to honor the physical remains of a person in funeral ceremonies especially if the individual was a man of integrity, truth, and honesty. They come in a wide range of colors, and thus you can have a symbolic flower arrangement as per the deceased’s preferences.

6. Daisies

Daisies are flowers that are easy to notice with a very simple and picturesque look and they are native from the Greek word meaning innocent. Among different flowers, white daisies from Elizabethtown Florist are being used in funeral processes to express these feelings. One of them is that they can be used in funeral wreaths and sprays in order to give people a feeling of peaceful calm while at the same time reminding them of all that is gentle and innocent in the deceased.

7. Hydrangeas

This sort of flower is famous due to its spectacularly large and dense nature and is typically used to convey deep feelings. They represent tenacity and passion hence apt for the purpose of demonstrating the extent of grieving in a given situation. Lucky for us they are fast-growing shrubs; they have full and rounded flower clusters for that grace and beauty in funeral wreath arrangements.

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Selecting funeral flowers is one of the most effective methods of paying tribute to the dead, as well as providing consolation for the grieving family. Unlike other types of gifts, and flowers, each type has its meaning, people can express condolences or memorial messages. The choice of funeral flowers can indeed be very inspiring as it fills the hearts of the family of the deceased, the friends, and anyone else who may be present with the spirit of condolence that can help to ease the suffering.

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