The Most Popular Funeral Flowers For Expressing Sympathy

Carrying flowers to a funeral is an intricate part of social rituals and bid goodbye to the person in an ideal way. Here are some funeral flowers that you should consider carrying the next time you attend such an event.

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Attending the funeral of a close family member or a friend is never easy. However, it is also important to bid goodbye to the person in an ideal way. This is why carrying flowers to a funeral is an intricate part of social rituals.

Here are some Elizabethtown, KY funeral flowers that you should consider carrying the next time you attend such an event.

1. Calla Lily

    The calla lily is a symbol of rebirth. During funerals in parts of North America and Europe, it has been used to represent the transition from life to death. It's also commonly used in celebration-of-life ceremonies after a funeral or cremation. Some people even wear flowers as jewelry to celebrate their loved one's life and memory. This beautiful flower represents hope, innocence, purity, and love—all things that can be found in all of us! Its elegant shape and pure white color convey a sense of peace and serenity, making it the perfect way to express your condolences.

    2. Forget me not

      Forget-me-not is a flower that symbolizes remembrance for loved ones who have passed away. Forget-me-nots are popular throughout Europe and Asia as well as North America. This pretty little flower is perfect for expressing your condolences to someone who has lost a loved one. The forget-me-not is a small, delicate flower that symbolizes memory and true love. Often, it is given as a way to let someone know that they will always be remembered. Whether they are still with us or not, the forget-me-not is a reminder to love and cherish those moments that we spent with them. For online flower delivery in Boston KY, place your order with The Rosy Posy florist, and receive on-time delivery every time.

      3. Gladioli

        The gladiolus is a flower that symbolizes strength and character. This flower is also known as the sword lily, and its name comes from the Latin word for sword, which is gladius. The gladiolus is native to Africa, but it is also grown in other parts of the world, including Europe and North America. The gladiolus is a tall plant that has long, narrow leaves and spikes of flowers that can be any color from white to purple. A gift of these flowers can give a grieving person the strength to move forward in life again after the death of a loved one.

        4. Hyacinth

          According to the flower shops in Elizabethtown KY, hyacinth is often regarded as an emblem of sympathy. This is likely because of its meaning, which is “I am sorry for your loss.” The hyacinth is also a reminder that life is beautiful, despite the sadness that death brings. These flowers also symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Someone who has gone through a difficult time and wants to start a new life. Giving this flower is a good way to show them how much you care for them so they can finally stand up again. Often, these flowers represent the courage needed to stand back up again in the face of life's challenges.

          5. Lilac

            Lilacs are one of the most popular flowers to give as a symbol of sympathy. They are often seen in bouquets and arrangements at funerals and memorial services. Lilacs represent mourning and grief, but also hope and new beginnings. The delicate purple petals of the lilac have long been associated with royalty and nobility. This flower makes an ideal memorial for someone who passed away after a life spent in a royal way. Aside from their symbolism, lilacs offer comfort to grieving people with their strong aroma. The petals of these flowers symbolize the innocence and purity that every child has, so they were often given to grieving parents.

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