Types Of Flowers For Funeral Standing Sprays

When choosing funerals flower for standing Spray to say proper goodbye to our loved ones is essential. Here are some flowers that are perfect for including in funeral standing sprays and other funeral flower arrangements like cremation rings, wreaths, casket sprays, funeral crosses, and more.

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Standing sprays are an intricate part of a funeral. Without them, the funeral hall doesn’t look appropriate, and it feels like we’re not bidding a proper goodbye to our loved ones.

Thankfully, The Elizabethtown KY Florist, Rosey Posey florist offers a huge variety of funeral standing sprays in Elizabethtown KY for you to choose from. Here are some flowers that are perfect for including in funeral standing sprays and other funeral flower arrangements like cremation rings, wreaths, casket sprays, funeral crosses, and more.

Funeral flower for Standing Sprays

1. Hyacinths

    These beautiful and highly fragrant blooms are available in various different colors. Also, these bold, and eye-catching blooms are packed with historical significance and deep symbolism. Each color has a different symbolism. But in general, they represent deep sorrow, loyalty, true friendship, prayers for someone, and sympathy. When you are thinking of including Hyacinths in a funeral, then always go for the colors purple, white, and blue.

    2. Orchids

      Orchids when used in a funeral, represent calm, sympathy, and thoughtfulness. These long-lasting blooms generally symbolize love and beauty. But its different colors can portray different meanings. For example- pink Orchids symbolize grace, innocence, and femininity, whereas, purple ones stand for dignity, admiration, and respect. Therefore, when choosing Orchids for funerals, try to avoid the colors yellow, green, and orange.

      3. Lilies

        This bloom is popularly known for its refined beauty and elegance. One can find various shades of this bloom and each shade represents a different meaning. Such as- the white lilies symbolize purity, sympathy, and innocence, whereas the orange ones represent passion and hatred. Therefore, when it comes to the use of this flower one has to carefully consider its color. When you are getting Lilies for a funeral, then go for white Lilies, Oriental Lilies, or Lily of the Valley. The Oriental lilies stand for eternal life, and the Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity of heart and sweetness.

        4. Chrysanthemums

          Chrysanthemums or mums were first cultivated in the 15th century, but in today’s world, these are commonly used flowers. These blooms have a large variety of colors and come in various shapes and sizes. They are symbolic of death, lamentation, love, deep grief, etc. It is because of these symbolisms that Chrysanthemums have become a popular choice for funerals all over the world.

          5. Roses

            Roses are usually taken to be a symbol of love and admiration. But the meaning of Rose is not limited to that only. Roses also portray sympathy, sorrow, innocence, etc. Some of the colors that are appropriate for funerals are pink, white, red, and black. According to Elizabethtown KY flower shops, these colors symbolize farewell, enduring love, sympathy, admiration, gratitude, purity, and deep respect.

            6. Daisies

              Daisies belong to the plant family known as “Asteraceae”. Under this category, you will find various other types of Daisies such as Gerbera Daisies, Michaelmas Daisy, Aster Flower, etc. So, when thinking of using Daisies for funerals you have to choose their type very carefully. Some of the best types that you can use at the funeral are- Michaelmas Daisy, white and pink Gerbera Daisies, etc. These flowers represent farewell, innocence, love, admiration, and adoration.

              7. Carnations

                These ruffled petaled flowers with their sweet scent are well known all over the world. They come in various colors and varieties. Their meaning is highly influenced by their colors. Therefore, when choosing for a funeral, always go for colors like white, pink, yellow, purple, or striped ones. These colors in general symbolize pure love, faithfulness, innocence, gratitude, regret, remembrance, etc.

                So, which ones are you going with? For funeral flowers delivery in Elizabethtown KY, check out The Rosey Posey Florist today!

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