Seasonal Flowers For Your Summer Wedding

Wedding Flowers that are in season during the Summer, Read about the seasonal fresh flowers for your summer wedding.

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Summer brides get truly lucky in the sense that their wedding is as charming as ever! A lot of this is owed to the presence of gorgeous flowers that add to the beauty of the celebration. Here is a list of some stunning summer blooms that are perfect for weddings:

Top Summer Flowers for Weddings


Sunflowers are almost synonymous with summer flowers! They're the epitome of happiness, joy, and exuberance. The large petals of sunflowers add a charm to weddings like no other. This is because they're not just visually appealing but also have the power to brighten up every face in the room. They work great as centerpieces at the reception table for a wedding. You may also consider getting your bridal bouquet of these cheerful blooms.


Dahlias are the ultimate summer flowers that will instantly draw the attention of guests at your wedding. Every variety of dahlia offers different colors and designs, ranging from small pom-poms to lush dinner plate sizes. These blooms will surely bring a unique flair to the floral arrangements at your wedding, creating a dramatic and beautiful experience for all who witness it. Use these captivating wedding flowers to take your special day to a higher level of beauty and enchantment.


Zinnias, with their exuberance and cheery demeanor, are a fantastic summer flower for weddings. They come in a vibrant range of hues, from cheerful oranges and pinks to delicate pastels. Representing friendship, these cheerful blooms bring warmth and joy to bridesmaid flowers and centerpieces. These tall blooms are especially a great choice for a summer wedding as they are long lasting and will remain beautiful throughout the celebration. Elizabethtown KY flower shops have a huge collection of Zinnias. Check out online!


Hydrangeas are the epitome of summer elegance. They are available in a variety of shades like blue, pink, purple, and white wherein each color has a unique symbolism. These majestic and lush blooms add a touch of magnificence to wedding celebrations. Whether used to create a stunning bridal bouquet or a captivating backdrop, hydrangeas are an incomparable adornment for your special day.


Gardenias make for a stunning and fragrant addition to your wedding celebration during the summer season. These delicate blooms in white and cream shades exude a luxurious scent of romance and sophistication. Their meaning is associated with love and innocence. Gardenias are especially ideal for bridal bouquets and corsages. They're sure to add undeniable beauty and emotion to your big day.


Often called the beautiful "Texas bluebells”, these tiny blooms are the epitome of delicacy and romance. They feature a great resemblance to peonies and roses which is another reason why they're so beloved! With its immaculate colors and enchanting scent, lisianthus is a great pick for bridal floral arrangements and boutonnieres. They're also a great addition to centerpiece bouquets. They add a touch of grace and sophistication to the wedding.

When choosing flowers for a summer wedding, the best way to go about it is to evaluate the entire color palette and theme of the wedding. The above-mentioned flowers are some of the most versatile options that will complement your beautiful wedding perfectly! If you need Elizabethtown KY flower delivery, order online from The Rosey Posey Florist, the best florist in Elizabethtown KY!

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