State flower of Kentucky USA - Gaint Goldenrod

Goldenrod (Soldiago gigantea) was designated the official state flower of Kentucky in 1926; about thirty varieties of goldenrod are found in Kentucky and it grows throughout the state.

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Kentucky is located in the southeastern United States. Kentucky is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Virginia to the northeast, West Virginia to the east, Ohio to the northwest, and Indiana and Illinois to the west. The state capital is Frankfort and the largest city is Louisville. Kentucky is a beautiful state with a rich and diverse culture. There is something for everyone in Kentucky, from the bustling cities to the rural countryside. Kentucky's culture is also shaped by its Native American and African American heritage. The state has a large number of historical sites that reflect the journey of the state. The culture of Kentucky also is a mix of southern and midwestern influences. Kentuckians are known for their hospitality and sense of community. Not only that, the state is also known for its love of sports, especially basketball and horse racing. Did you know Kentucky is home to a large number of artists and musicians, as well as a thriving cinema history. With florist Elizabethtown KY learn more about the state's official flower.

Official State Flower of Kentucky - Goldenrod Flower

The state flower of Kentucky is the goldenrod. The goldenrod was designated the state flower of Kentucky in 1926. This flower is a member of the aster family. Goldenrod starts to bloom and flourish throughout the state by July and can be seen till late September. During this time they can be easily spotted in meadows, fields and roadsides too and you can also find them at the Elizabethtown KY flower shop. The goldenrod is a flowering plant in the sunflower family. It is native to North America and can be found in meadows, fields, and woods. The goldenrod is a tall plant with yellow, ray-like flowers.

Meaning of Goldenrod Flower

Goldenrod flower Elizabethtown KY was not chosen to be the state's official flower just because of its stunning appearance and abundance in the state but also because of the meaning this flower holds. One of the significance is that the goldenrod flower is good fortune, success and prosperity. Another belief is that the goldenrod flower is a symbol of good luck, and is often given as a gift to someone who is embarking on a new venture or new beginning. In some cultures it is also believed that the goldenrod flower is a symbol of strength, perseverance, and determination.

Facts About Goldenrod Flower

  • Goldenrod flower is not only the state flower of the Kentucky state but also of Alabama and Nebraska.
  • There are about 25 kinds of goldenrod flower, including "Short's Goldenrod," one of the most endangered plants on the planet known as Solidargo brevis.
  • The goldenrod flower is also seen as the best remedy for urinary tract infections and various kidney related conditions.
  • Native Americans munched on the leaves to cure toothaches and sore throats. They also used this Kentucky flower to make herbal teas.
  • Native Americans also traded certain species of goldenrod leaves as they contained rubber.
  • The plants are believed to give shelter to a variety of insects and draw a huge amount of butterflies and bees due to their potent, noticeable aroma of sweet nectar.

Other State Symbols of Kentucky -

  • Kentucky Official state bird - Cardinal
  • Kentucky Official state animal - Eastern gray squirrel
  • Kentucky Official state fish - Kentucky spotted bass
  • Kentucky Official state fruit - Blackberry
  • Kentucky Official state insect - Honey bee
  • Kentucky Official state tree - Tulip poplar
  • Kentucky Official state music - Bluegrass music

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